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Flylow Gear Review

The Overview: My friends say I’m crazy and I agree. I’ve got a love affair with gear, and anything relating to skiing, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping and the list can go on and on. Working nearly every day on the ski slopes throughout the harsh East coast winter requires warm, durable, high performance gear. With that being said here is the breakdown on FlyLow’s Vixen Jacket, Bella Donna Pants.

The Test
As a ski instructor on the East I see a lot of terrible weather and so far the FlyLow has stood the test of time and wet days. The biggest issue for me was jacket size. Being slightly broad in the hips and I opted for a large jacket, because I didn’t want anything too form fitting, since I prefer slightly looser fitting ski clothes.

Bella Donna Pants:  I own two pairs; black for instructing and electric blue for freeriding. These pants have the ultimate utility: soft shell stretch and breath-ability for excellent comfort on the way up the mountain, but are waterproof and tough for the way down. After research and testing FlyLow developed a fabric  that incorporates a mostly nylon outer shell, a hydrophilic membrane and a nylon tricot to optimize weight, waterproofing and durability. These pants marry the benefits both soft shells and hard shells combined with the standard FlyLow features: 1000 Denier Cordura knees and cuffs, inner and outer thigh vents, gators, Velcro-elastic waist adjusters and a perfect fit. 

4.7 (out of 5)

Design: With a little bit of spandex and softshell for stretch, the Bella Donna Pant is made to move. Which means they’re great for touring, tree-skiing, teaching, and chasing friends around the mountain. +1

Durability: These pants have survived an entire season of full-time skiing in the best and worst of the east at Stowe and I have not gotten a wet butt, holes or tears, and no busted seams. These are the true tests for ski instructors (we are not easy on our gear). +1

Style: It takes a few days to get used to skiing in a higher wasted pant, but the pay off for not getting snow down your butt when you accidentally fall into a tree well is amazing. But a higher waisted pant is not the most comfortable if you are sitting around or have a long drive to go skiing.  -.3

Performance:  Cross-flow venting and knee and cuff reinforcements give these women’s pants breathability and strength. Bonus: the outer thigh vent is so massive you can remove these pants without taking your boots off. +1

Comfort: I put them on at 7 a.m. and not take them off until 7 p.m., 12 hours is a long time to be in snow pants. But when you go from on hill to apres, they make the transition and still get noticed.  +1

Vixen Jacket: This season I got the Vixen Jacket because I loved coral color. The jacket is absolutely bullet proof and keeps me warm and dry. FlyLow took the top-selling Men’s Higgins jacket and made a women’s version.  The Vixen has all the same functionality and technical features as its male counterpart —a high-performance three-layer blend of hard shell and stretchy softshell — but with a fit tailored just for the ladies. It’s called the Vixen because it’s athletic and tough, yet sassy.

4.5 (out of 5)

Design:From wrist gators to a helmet compatible hood, the Vixen is sassy with a women’s specific cut. My biggest issue is the sizing: I have hips and broader shoulders and I sized up to a Large to fit both of those and still wear a layer. -.5

Style: The coral is one of the nicest orange themed jacket I have ever tried on and combined with a women’s cut it makes ski clothing look flattering. +1

Durability:  This jacket is a real workhorse of a jacket, the Vixen is a three-layer blend of hard shell fabric and softshell lining. Meaning it’s light and breathable like a softshell, but watertight and tough like a  hard shell.+1

Performance: The Vixen is sleet­proof, windstorm-proof jacket that you can layer as necessary and be confident that you will stay dry and comfortable. Using its three-layer fabric, seam taping and YKK waterproof zippers, they have created a truly watertight jacket. +1

Comfort: When you want to wear a jacket all day everyday and don’t worry about not taking it off because the inside of your house is not warm enough yet, says a lot about a jacket. +1

Buy FlyLow Vixen Jacket and Bella Donna Pant.


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