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MindShift Ultralight Photo Pack

Every brand out there, whether they have to do with photography or not, makes a camera bag. But the MindShift Ultralight photo pack series was designed by photographers for photographers, incorporating clever aspects throughout the design to make it easy to use on the go. In addition is the lightest photo daypack I have encountered, at 3.3 lbs. The pack comes in three size, 16L, 25L and 36L. I use the 36L as I like to bring all my gear, because you never know what might happen.

MindShift UltraLight photo daypack
MindShift’s UltraLight, the lightest photo daypack out there.


At first I was slightly disconcerted by the especially thin material that gives the pack its weightless aspect. But after lugging the MindShift Ultralight around to shoot summer and fall in the Rocky Mountains, it more than stood up to the job. And most importantly, the well-designed shoulder and waist straps allow you to make up for the light weight of the bag by loading it down with as much gear as possible and still carry it comfortably.


The pack is compartmentalized, with a extra padded block below to hold cameras. I am able to fit a DSLR camera body, a 16-35mm, a 70-200mm and a flash. But the adjustable dividers accommodate for different camera gear configurations. Conveniently this block also slides out, to be a separate sling bag, with a trap door in the pack to open it up and use the whole thing. I also appreciate the versatility of this pack, if I want to load it up with my drone and all its accessories it fits just as well.


Easily accessed side compartment.
Easily accessed side compartment.

The MindShift Ultralight photo pack is definitely designed for handy access to gear, conveniently accessible without removing the pack. The camera compartment can be opened from the side, and is reinforced at the bottom, and sealed by Mindshift’s trademark zipper pulls, which are easy to use no matter how cold your hands might be.


The upper compartment of the MindShift Ultralight is spacious enough to fit all my photography accessories and personal gear. But there are plenty of pockets and zippered pouches throughout to help me stay organized as well. There is a slot at the back, running the length of the pack, which fits a laptop or a hydration reservoir, whether you are on an urban mission or in the backcountry. The top of this section of the pack is closed with a drawstring and secured by compression straps to capacity and reduce volume, with an additional zippered pocket to finish it off.


MindShift UltralightThe drawstring allows for as much storage volume as you need, in addition to a zippered pocket in the top.There is an integrated tripod/monopod mounting system on front. Which I should say I honestly wasn’t the biggest fan of. But the design of the top compression straps allowed me to be able to put the tripod on horizontally and use the straps there to cinch it into place.


I was concerned about the lightweight material getting wet, but after being caught in a Colorado afternoon shower, it has stood up to the barrage of the elements. The exterior fabric has a durable water-repellant coating, and my gear was safely dry. The pack also comes with an additional rain cover for extra protection.


The durability, versatility and light weight of the MindShift Ultralight photo pack have made it my go-to daypack whether I am on a shoot, flying my drone or just hiking. The 36L is priced at $159.99, making it a screaming deal for the value of this pack.


Jordan Curet

Jordan Curet

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