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Overcoming Injury with Pro-Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani

Kimmy Fasani, 28, of Mammoth Lakes, Calif., a veteran pro-snowboarder, has been competing in slopestyle events since she was a teen, and was the first woman to land a double back flip in both the park and backcountry. Her advanced level and dedication to progression have earned her full segments in snowboarding’s biggest film productions, such as Standard Films. And she’s no slouch in the kitchen either, she co-owns a bakery—Mimi’s Cookie Bar—and shares her delicious, healthy recipes on her blog. Yep, she’s a badass. Earlier this season Kimmy had an accident in the park which left her with a torn ACL, MCL, PCL and fractured pelvis. Ouch! We caught up with this her to see how she’s conquering the road to recovery.

WGG: What happened to cause your injury?
KF: I was riding park and had an accident. I spun too hard off a take off, bounced off the landing, and flew into the trees. I am now 11 weeks out of surgery and feeling a lot more mobile.

WGG: How long until you’ll be back in action?
KF: I will be 100-percent next season.

WGG: How have you dealt with being laid up? 
KF: I have been watching a lot of movies and I just finished the Hunger Games book series. I spend a lot of time doing physical therapy each day. I also have a very incredible support system of friends, family, and my husband has been home to help me.

Kimmy Fasani, Burton snowboarder, Burton female snowboarder

WGG: Do you feel that injury shakes your confidence level?
KF: This injury has been mentally challenging but hasn’t really affected my confidence. I know that I will be back on snow and will keep pushing limits.

WGG: How do you shake uneasy feelings or concerns and get back to riding the way you want?
KF: I keep my mind focused on being in the moment and try not to let the past affect. Also, I don’t doubt myself and if I do, I don’t try to push too hard. I am very intuitive and try to listen to myself when I ride. If I am scared I usually back down from doing a trick, but if I am nervous because I am excited then I try to center my mind and keep calm.

WGG: Any advice for women who’ve been injured and have a road to recovery ahead of them?
KF: My advice is to keep your head up and stay positive. There are always two ways to look at injuries; one would be positively, and the other negatively. Things could always be worse and don’t doubt your ability to heal. Only give your body positive energy and you will heal way quicker. You are only as strong as your mind.

Kimmy Fasani backcountry, Kimmy backcountry booter
Kimmy sends it…big.

WGG: What would an ideal day on the mountain be like for you? 
KF: An ideal day in the mountains for me would be waking up to fresh snow and blue skies. I would Skin out on an adventure with my Anti Social Burton Split Board. I would have a group of friends with me and we would take powder laps through the trees and maybe pick out some lines to ride. Being able to ride powder everyday is pretty special.

WGG: What do you look forward to doing once your back on snow?
KF: I can’t wait to ride powder. Even just doing one powder turn would make my day.

Age: 28
Home Mountain: Mammoth Mountain, Calif.
Sponsors: Burton, Zeal, Skullcandy, Mammoth Mountain, Clif Bar, Evo, Mimi’s Cookie Bar, Elemental Herbs, La Isla, B4BC.
Professional achievements: Full video parts in Standard Films- 2112, TB20, and The Storming, 2011 Snowboarder Magazine “Ms. Superpark Standout,” 2012 Nominated for “Women’s Rider of the Year,” “Video Part of the Year,” and “Standout Performance” for Transworld Snowboarding’s Riders Poll Awards

Leah Fielding

Leah Fielding

One of the first things I noticed when I moved to Colorado in 2008 to pursue a career in outdoor journalism was the rapidly growing women’s outdoor gear industry. What I also noticed was that there weren’t many outlets for women to learn more about this gear, which is why I created Women’s Gear Guide in 2012, after I moved from Boulder, Colorado to Aspen, Colorado. Our aim is to provide outdoor gals with a solid resource they can rely on.

I am an expert skier (former East Coast racer and current Colorado powder hound), advanced mountain biker, avid yogini and happy hiker. My dog, Bromley, is my favorite adventure buddy, other than my husband and I love cooking Indian curry.
Leah Fielding