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Review: Voile Women’s Revelator Splitboard

Name:  Voile Women’s Revelator Splitboardunnamed-2

MSRP (Price): $650

Pros: lightweight, durable

Cons: still looking




Overview:  As skiing uphill to earn your turns become more popular, there are a lot of new splitboards for women on the market. Splitboards have been around for a long time, but women specific models have been scarce, or some companies calling their smallest models a unisex to sell it to women. The women’s Revelator splitboard from Voile, however, is not just sized for women, but designed with ripping mountain girls at every stage of construction.

Feature breakdown:

The Lightweight Paulownia Wood Core makes it one of the lightest splitboards I have ever encountered. Rather than my predecessor splitboard which was heavy and bulky, making me feel like a had two-by-fours’s bolted on to my feet on the way up and the way down. The Revelator is light, making me barely aware of any additional weight going up and fun and easy to ride on the way down. The two carbon fiberglass layers give it the flex it needs to still be stable and playful at the same time.

unnamed-4The profile of the Revelator is ideal for any big mountain line. The early-rise in the nose makes it float perfectly in powder and the camber underfoot adds stability. This versatile shape is perfect for all types of terrain and conditions. unnamed-6

And in order to uphill on the Revelator, you need skins. Voilé climbing skins have long been a staple in the market, for skis and boards alike and their skin material has the best grip-to-glide ratio in the industry. The high quality, releasable, adhesive is intended to last for years and a heavy-duty riveted tip attachment will hold up to a lifetime of switchbacks.

images-1Voilé also made skinning even easier by adding an adjustable aluminum tail attachment and an industrial grade Voilé Strap, this makes tightening your skins easy and keeping you climbing no matter the conditions. Voilé Splitboard Skins with Tail Clips are built to fit the right and left board half, already cut to size. You are ready to head out the door and up the mountain with the Revelator.



Value: This board comes in the mid-range for splotboard prices. But the value for me is in the weight and handling ability.  Voile really looked at what could make this board ideal for a smaller and lighter rider in the same conditions. From the narrower waist, flex, tapered tail and the camber and early rise combo this board checked all the boxes to get down the mountain on any line.


Use: Voilé has been a standard in the uphill industry for a long time, giving them the opportunity to tinker with the various parts they manufacture and improve them. One unique feature of the Revelator is the new channel puck system, which compensates for the old systems limited stance options. The new pucks are also molded, and unmoving, making them more secure to the board, giving you better control especially in the backcountry when you need it the most. The other change is the 3 degrees of “cant” or “tilt” on these new pucks, correcting leg stance and making it easier on your knees and better power-transfer.

Jordan Curet

Jordan Curet

I am a photographer and journalist and have traveled all over the world, only to end up in a little place called Aspen. I work hard and play hard in the outdoors. I am a long time snowboarder (park, all mountain, and back country) and a new addition to skiing. I also Stand Up Paddle board mostly in the rivers (class I-III) but also in the ocean when I can escape the mountains. I also hike, rock climb, wakeboard, surf and do yoga and generally explore my backyard in the Rockies.
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